Version 3.9 now available (Need to Fix Download-Fix new Archives Page)

ImageNest Version 3.9 includes fixes for bugs encountered on OSX 10.9.    Several ImageNest users reported that after upgrading to OSX 10.9–Images did not always properly appear in the Layout window and that the Layout grid would sometimes disappear.   Version 3.9 fixes these bugs.

There are no new features in Version 3.9 but Version 4.0 is just around the corner and users will see major improvements:

  1. Version 4.0 will be able to utilize multiple processors on both CPU and GPU
  2. Version 4.0 ImageProcessing will be more efficient
  3. 4.0 includes major speed increase in processing time 3-6x faster than earlier version
  4. File size throughput will be increased 4×4
  5. 4.0 will also allow users to create a CMYK or RGB JPG, TIFF, or PDF from a layout.   This will be a great workflow for Canon users that print with the PhotoShop export plugin and users of high end photo printing systems such as Durst Lambda’s, ZBE Chromira’s, or LightJet 5000’s

We do anticipate that 4.0 will be available in late January/Early february and it will be a free update.

Version 3.9 can be downloaded from our archives page:



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