ImageNest Version 3.7 released (Free Update)

ImageNest Layout RIP LogoAfter a long 6 months of re-writing our core processes we are very happy to announce that ImageNest version 3.7 is now released.   Version 3.7 will significantly increase speed and responsiveness in the ImageNest layout when using large files.  

Currently,  testing is showing a more that 600% speed increase for PDF files and large Bitmap images.   The speed increase is due to a complete re-write of our Image Processing routine that optimizes both CPU and GPU processing along with a sophisticated Image Caching algorithm.   Version 3.7 is a free update to all users and is compatible with OSX 10.6 and OSX 10.7 (Support for OSX 10.8 is currently under development.

Version 3.7 can be downloaded at: