• BETA available for OSX 10.10 (Yosemite)

    We now have a beta that has been very solid in testing,   We haven’t encountered any problems yet and will post a final version once this version has been tested on at least 50 other systems.    This version is only compatible with OSX 10.10 or higher.   Will not run properly on 10.9 or lower.

    http://www.bluecubit.com/files/ImageNest Yosemite.zip

  • Version 3.9 now available

    ImageNest Version 3.9 includes fixes for bugs encountered on OSX 10.9.    Several ImageNest users reported that after upgrading to OSX 10.9–Images did not always properly appear in the Layout window and that the Layout grid would sometimes disappear.   Version 3.9 fixes these bugs.

    There are no new features in Version 3.9 but Version 4.0 is just around the corner and users will see major improvements:

    1. Version 4.0 will be able to utilize multiple processors on both CPU and GPU
    2. Version 4.0 ImageProcessing will be more efficient
    3. 4.0 includes major speed increase in processing time 3-6x faster than earlier version
    4. File size throughput will be increased 4×4
    5. 4.0 will also allow users to create a CMYK or RGB JPG, TIFF, or PDF from a layout.   This will be a great workflow for Canon users that print with the PhotoShop export plugin and users of high end photo printing systems such as Durst Lambda’s, ZBE Chromira’s, or LightJet 5000′s

    We do anticipate that 4.0 will be available in late January/Early february and it will be a free update.

    Version 3.9 can be downloaded from our archives page:


  • ColorBurst Overdrive: No length Limit with Epson Printers

    We get a lot of inquiries from customers who need to print longer than 99 inches on Epson printers which is no surprise at all.   With the dramatic improvements that have taken place in Panorama Photography (GigaPan comes to mind) more and more photographers and print professionals are looking for a way to print 100 + inches on their Epson Wide Format Printers.

    As both ImageNest RIP and Template Sherpa provide layout and template solutions we do not have a length limit but the Epson driver does and without a custom print driver it isn’t going to happen.
    But fortunately,  There is a solution:ColorBurst Overdrive (a product from ColorBurst Systems) does print well beyond the 99 Inch limit of Epson Wide Format printers.

    If you need to print long, you need a solution like ColorBurst Overdrive.   ColorBurst has posted a free fully functional demo on their website and prices are based on printer width.


  • PDF Export Settings for InDesign Users

    Exporting InDesign Files as PDF’s: 

    Creating PDF’s is generally the best workflow for the ImageNest RIP but Adobe Indesign can export PDF files several different ways depending on an individuals particular requirements.  Each method will result in dramatically different results so be extra careful to check all settings in the Adobe InDesign Export PDF dialog to make sure that everything is set correctly.  If you have further questions please don’tt hesitate to contact us.  We are always happy to help.

    In Design PDF Export DialogSettings for Customers who want to create PDF’s at full color gamut: 

    The settings to the right are best for users who wish to retain all color possible.  This is ideal for Posters and other final output that will not be reproduced on a press (not ideal for pre-press proofing).   The Color Conversion dialog should be set to NO COLOR CONVERSION.  This will ensure that your embedded profiles are not change and the RGB files remain RGB (to preserve their larger color gamut) and that CMYK files remain CMYK files.

    Other InDesign settings that can be selected on the left (General, Compression, etc) can be set to a users own preferences without effecting color.  The output setting (detailed right) is the only setting that will effect color.

    In Design PDF Export Dialog for Pre-PressSettings for Customers who want to Create PDF’s for Pre-Press Proofing:

    The settings to the right are best for users who wish to create a PDF for proofing purposes.  These settings will automatically convert all elements in a pdf to a destination profile and destination color space.  All elements will be rendered to the destination profile and color space selected.

    Color Conversion:  Should be set to €œConvert to destination€.  This will ensure that all elements are put into both the ICC profile selected in the €œDestination€ dialog and the color space of the profile selected in the Destination dialog.

    Destination:  The destination should be whatever profile most accurately represents the color gamut of the press being proofed for.  US Sheetfed Coated V2 and US web coated V2 are popular choices but many modern presses are capable of a larger color gamut.

    Other InDesign settings that can be selected on the left (General, Compression, etc) can be set to a users own preferences without effecting color.  The output setting (detailed right) is the only PDF export setting that will effect color.

  • ImageNest Version 3.7 released (Free Update)

    ImageNest Layout RIP LogoAfter a long 6 months of re-writing our core processes we are very happy to announce that ImageNest version 3.7 is now released.   Version 3.7 will significantly increase speed and responsiveness in the ImageNest layout when using large files.  

    Currently,  testing is showing a more that 600% speed increase for PDF files and large Bitmap images.   The speed increase is due to a complete re-write of our Image Processing routine that optimizes both CPU and GPU processing along with a sophisticated Image Caching algorithm.   Version 3.7 is a free update to all users and is compatible with OSX 10.6 and OSX 10.7 (Support for OSX 10.8 is currently under development.

    Version 3.7 can be downloaded at:   http://www.bluecubit.com/downloads.php

  • Version 3.5 final Beta available

    We are very happy to announce that our final Beta is finally ready.   This final version of 3.5 has been through several versions of testing and internally we have found no errors.  Mac OSX 10.6 and 10.7 are supported with version 3.5

    Beta 3.5 can be downloaded here and includes a reference of new features and how they work:   ImageNest 3.5 beta

    Feature in beta 3.5 include:

    • Option for performing high quality interpolation prior to printing
    • Black Point Compensation
    • 3 Editable Levels of Print sharpening
    • Speed Improvements
    • Improved memory allocation
    • Improved color management

    As this beta has been through many rounds of testing we anticipate that we will have a final release within two weeks.  Feedback is always appreciated and you can contact us.