Installing OSX (Yosemite) Print driver without a printer connected

ImageNest customers use a very wide variety of printers–wide format printers, Durst Lambda, Lightjet 5000 and countless others. One of the things we regularly need to do is install and test a print driver without access to the printer. If you ever need to do the same–here is how you can get it done. This method should work on any version of OSX 10.0 and above.

Step 1: Download and install the print driver from manufacturers site. Make sure you have a driver that is compatible with your OS. All the profiles included with your printer will also be installed.

Step 2: Open the OSX System Preferences and select “Printers & Scanners”.

1 System Preferences OSX

Step 3: Select the + sign to add a new printer.

2 Add Printer in OSX Preferences

Step 4: Select “IP Printer” on the top top bar. Then enter in a fake IP address, select “Line Printer Daemon – LPD”, create a name for the printer, and select “other” in the “Use” pull down menu.

3 address and printer name

Step 5: Navigate to Library/Printer/PPDs/Contents/Resources. You should see a driver for the printer you have installed. They are usually easily identified by their name and will have a .gz extension.

4 select driver

Step 6: Verify that the printer is installed. You can now send images to the print queue. If you do connect to a printer the driver will function correctly. This just gets around having to be connected to a printer to install a driver.

step 5 Printer Installed

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