ImageNest Photo and PostScript layout RIP


Works with any Printer!

ImageNest supports every printer that runs on Mac OSX 10.6. or above. Customers are never locked in to a particular printer or model with ImageNest. If a customer purchases a new printer, support for that printer does not cost anything extra. If a customer has ten printers, ImageNest will support all of them.


Photo Format Support

ImageNest supports most PhotoGraphic Formats and can mix different file formats and Color Spaces (RGB/CMYK) in a layout.   Images can also be at different resolutions and have different embedded ICC Profiles.


High Quality Interpolation For Printing

Our print system processes all files in 32 bit floating point and automatically re-sizes them to final print resolution.  This change is largely transparent and happens automatically but the difference in print quality is striking.


Automatic “Best Fit” Nesting/Layout

ImageNest ‘s multiple nesting algorithms will maximize your layout efficiency resulting in huge savings on paper.  Layout is quick and efficient and is completely automated with refitting as you add additional images.  Unlike Photo Editing programs like PhotoShop, ImageNest can mix different file types, resolutions, and Embedded Profiles in a single layout. Users can place a CMYK EPS next to a RGB DNG, next to a RGB TIFF.



Cropping/Crop to Size

ImageNest includes a complete set of cropping and sizing features that will enable users to crop and image or crop to a specific size/aspet ratio.


Black Point Compensation

Black Point Compensation is a color process/Algorithm that reconciles the difference between the White/Black point (The maximum brightness and shadow point) of an image and the White/Black point of the paper being printed on.   Black Point Compensation results in better shadow detail and a much more accurate print.   The effect is most dramatic on Cotton Rag and Fine Art Papers.   The Effect on Photo Papers is much smaller.


Soft-Proofing for Matching Screen to Print

See what will come out of your printer on your screen ! Papers, Inkset, and Printer type all have a huge effect on color. In order to get an accurate view on your screen all these things have to be taken into consideration. ImageNest will apply your output ICC profile and then render the results back to the screen giving you a hyper accurate view of what your print will look like.



Cut Marks

ImageNest can place various styles and thickness of cut marks around images.   Cut marks are used to help cut an image to the proper border size and users can define the offset of cut marks to their images.   ImageNest does have the ability to place cut marks within an Image by setting the border size as a negative integer.


Batch Image Scaling/Sizing

Time is precious and with our batch image sizing features you get your printing done in 1/10 of the time it would take you in photoshop. And unlike Photoshop or Lightroom–Users can place RGB images next to CMYK images and 300 DPI images next to 250 DPI images. Any number of files can be selected and automatically sized then added to the layout in once step If doing several different sizes then users can add files without closing the add images window and then select a different size.


ImageNest Annotations

Image/Photo Annotations

ImageNest includes twelve different annotations that can be added to any file with extensive options for placement.  Custom comments as well as Meta Data can be added to all files in a layout. ImageNest can use meta data, IPTC data, and user entered data in the annotation feature and annotations can be turned on or off selectively.



DNG/DNG with Embedded JPG Workflow

ImageNest RIP has the ability to open just the JPG portion of DNG files and can also automatically resize them for printing.  No changes are made to the original file and all the resolution of the JPG is available.   This saves users an incalculable amount of time since the do not have to export there DNG file to a new format (such as JPG or TIFF) and can print directly from the DNG file.  Currently ImageNest is the only RIP on the market that supports this workflow and also supports every printer available on Mac OSX.

DNG Printing is the workflow of the future and with ImageNest your will not only be able to print the JPG files but will also be able to save paper with our photo layout features