ColorBurst Overdrive: No length Limit with Epson Printers

We get a lot of inquiries from customers who need to print longer than 99 inches on Epson printers which is no surprise at all.   With the dramatic improvements that have taken place in Panorama Photography (GigaPan comes to mind) more and more photographers and print professionals are looking for a way to print 100 + inches on their Epson Wide Format Printers.

As both ImageNest RIP and Template Sherpa provide layout and template solutions we do not have a length limit but the Epson driver does and without a custom print driver it isn’t going to happen.
But fortunately,  There is a solution:ColorBurst Overdrive (a product from ColorBurst Systems) does print well beyond the 99 Inch limit of Epson Wide Format printers.

If you need to print long, you need a solution like ColorBurst Overdrive.   ColorBurst has posted a free fully functional demo on their website and prices are based on printer width.

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