What Are Template Sherpa Templates?

Template Sherpa Templates are user customizable drag and drop layouts.  Templates can be anything you want them to be!  Wedding Albums, Collages, Facebook Timeline, or any print or digital template.   Any photo layout that needs a great workflow tool

There are 3 parts to a template:   Background, Image Boxes,  Text Boxes.


  • .
  • Tab 2 content goes here.
  • Tab 3 content goes here.
  • Tab 4 content goes here.




Background Layer:  images/artwork that has been set as a background layer.

 Background layers are: Bitmap format:  .Png, JPg, Tiff, Bmp, Transparent areas for framing images/or not









  • Background Layer: images/artwork that has been set as a background layer. 

    Background layers are: Bitmap format: .Png, JPg, Tiff, Bmp, Transparent areas for framing images/or not

  • Image Box layer:  Easily sized boxes that designate photo placement. 


  • Images are dragged/placed into Image Boxes for sizing and placement.  


  • Image Box Layer Can be on top of a background or underneath a background (image will show in transparent area)


  • Cropping/Editing window matches Image Box aspect Ratio.
  • Text box layer:  boxes that text can be written in and placed any where in a layout:  


  • Text easily edited/change in templateControl for size, font, etc.