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Automatic "Best Fit" Nesting

ImageNest will automatically arrange images and graphics to optimize paper usage.  If manual layout is preferred we have that option too !


Drag and Drop

The easiest workflow there is.  Files can be “dragged and dropped” directly onto templates or into the “Image Palette”.   A blazing fast workflow for using any template.

Vector and Raster (Image) file support

ImageNest is a PostScript RIP and can work with almost any file type Including EPS, PDF, and all Raster (JPG, TIFF, PNG, BMP, etc.) Formats.

Template Library

Album Sherpa includes dozens of templates and we create new ones every week. Album Sherpa Templates are license free and can be used for any purpose !


Frames, Meta-Data, custom labels and other image or print data can automatically be added above or below your images or graphics.

Works with any Print Provider

Smug Mug, WHCC, Millers are just a few of the Labs that can work with Album Sherpa exports.    We can work with any lab be they local or national !


Resize or edit your images/graphics directly in the ImageNest layout.  Quick and easy and includes advanced cropping, crop to size, and “Rule of thirds” cropping interface !

Picture Packages, Albums, Collages

Album Sherpa templates can be created to do anything !   Packages, Albums, Collages, Photo Books, Invites, custom proof sheets and more.   There is literally nothing that can’t be done!


See what is going to come out of your printer before you print.  ImageNest can control ICC Profile, rendering intent, and Black point Compensation.

Export to JPG, TIFF,  PDF 

Album Sherpa with Export your template layout with Images to JPG, TIFF, or PDF files with ease and accuracy to whatever resolution you need!

Black Point Compensation

Prints on Cotton Rag and other fine art papers benefit enormously from black point compensation.   Strength of blacks, better shadow detail, and overall tonal range are greatly improved with BPC.

Cropping/ Color Editing

Album Sherpa can edit and size (crop and crop to size) your images as well as add special effects like sepia toning or exposure adjustments.

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ico-64-bit-build ico-colorsync cocoa_cup-sharp soft-proofing_front_icon ico-gpu-based ico-osx-mountain-lion
64-Bit Architecture
Powered by Cocoa 
Soft Proofing
 Mountain Lion Ready
All BlueCuibt products are built to take full advantage of the incredible power of today’s  64-bit architecture Macs. BlueCuibt utilizes ColorSync color management ensures accurate and consistent colors. All Product Include Black Point Compensation As well. Soft Proofing makes it easy to preview images in CMYK colors so that when you print, the image colors look as close as possible to those on your screen. All BlueCubit LLC Product include soft proofing so that when you print, the image colors look as close as possible to those on your screen. All BlueCubit LLC Products are  based on OS X Core Image tech-nology, which uses your Mac’s graphics card to ensure blistering-fast image processing. BlueCubit takes full advantage of all the latest and greatest OS X Mountain Lion technologies to always stay right in step with your Mac